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I Know Where LeBron James is Signing

July 6, 2010
Photo by David Shankbone

LeBron's going to the New York... Yankees? Photo by David Shankbone

It’s the scoop of the century.  If you know what team LeBron James will sign with and then post it to your blog or website first, just think of the amazing traffic you will attract.  Other sites will link to you.  You may even get a few click through on your Adsense ads.  You would be reverred by journalists abroad for gettting the scoop and more importantly getting it right.

So do I really know where LeBron is going to play basketball next season?  Sure, New York… No, wait, Cleveland… Or Chicago.  Actually, I’m still holding out hope for the Pacers.  Of course, as you can see, I have no clue.  I’m not an insider in the sporting world.  I don’t have a crystal ball.  And I definitely don’t know “King James” (his loss).

The great thing about scooping this story is that it will be old news almost as soon as it’s new news.  So, who will get the real scoop?  LeBron James.  I can see him posting it on his website and then letting the media frenzy begin. (Oddly enough, it doesn’t look like LeBron has a truly active website.  His official site says it’s about to launch.  So, if it doesn’t launch when he announces his basketball plans, will it ever launch?  Will it matter?  How in the world does the first or second most popular basketball player in the world not have an active website?  Maybe he’s planning to launch the site the same day he announces.  That would most likely be the highest first day of traffic for any website).

While I won’t be the one to scoop the LeBron James story, I will probably be the first one to post it to all my friends on Facebook.  I may even be one of the first on Twitter (there’s a challenge).  So while I won’t be THE first, I will be one of the first and just think of all the notoriety that comes with… right, none.

7/6 UPDATE:  Apparently, I won’t be the first on Twitter because LeBron just signed up for Twitter.  Now this is power.  He signed up today, and he already has over 167,000 followers!  You can check him out at @KingJames on Twitter.

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