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Fear of Failing Isn’t an Option

June 16, 2010

Cartoon by Hugh MacLeod

I think that fear of failure has been one of my greatest roadblocks.  I have failed at succeeding in so many things because failure was very thing I was trying to avoid.  Seth Godinsays that playing it safe is one of the riskiest things one can do in business.  The same can be said for fear of failure.  If you’re not willing to fail at something, then you’ll probably not really try it or at least not the way you need to to be successful at it.

We see it in sports all the time.  A team is dominating and then suddenly they stop playing the way they did to get the lead and start playing soft hoping the other team won’t come back.  They stop being risky which is what made them successful and play it safe.  The fear of failure only leads them towards failure.

I can remember back to my days in school where I was afraid to give an answer for fear of being wrong.   And what would happen if I were wrong?  The other kids would laugh at me.  Even today, I sometimes fear being laughed at… but why?  Failing because I never tried is much worse than failing because I tried.  So what if people laugh.  I’m now one step closer to succeeding… and then we’ll see who’s laughing.

Are you afraid of failing?  Don’t be.  Give whatever it is you want to do a shot and if you fail, we’ll all laugh… even you, and then you’ll get back up and try again.   That’s the formula for success.  Yea for you!  Yea for me!

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