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Lugar – It Means Real Estate

March 13, 2010

This week I launched my own real estate company. In naming the company, I went the straight forward route of using my last name and the putting the words “Real Estate” after it. Thus I came up with Lugar Real Estate, LLC.

Of course shortly after completing all the licensing for the business, I saw this post by Seth Godin.  Should I have gone the route recommended by Godin and picked a name not related to my industry?  Should I have named my company Felt Tip or Rubber Sole or Mushy Mangos?  Should I have chosen a more obscure name and worked to create a secondary meaning?

However, the more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve realized that’s what I did.  Lugar really doesn’t mean anything.  Here in Indiana, there are some political connotations to the name Lugar, so there is some name recognition.  And in Spanish, Lugar means “place”, which for a real estate company really isn’t a bad word association.  But when you really think about it Lugar is a word that will need to gain a secondary meaning.  Sure, it’s just my last name, and sure, I slapped the descriptive words “Real Estate” on the end, but I’m announcing it right here and right now.  LUGAR MEANS REAL ESTATE!

Since I referenced Seth Godin, here are a few of my favorites from him:

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