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Packing Heat… An American Tradition

March 2, 2010

Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence created this logo.

Apparently there is a movement by some restaurants to ban patrons who are carrying guns. It’s a pretty silly policy if you ask me, but I definitely support a business’ decision to set its own rules. I’m not sure what they think is going to happen by setting this rule, but more power to them. While California Pizza Kitchen is saying no, Starbucks, to many people’s surprise, isn’t giving in to the anti-gun movement.

The way I see it, the only people who will follow the “gun-free zone” rule are law abiding citizens. A criminal on the other hand, doesn’t care what a restaurant’s policies are. I would suspect that most people who carry a licensed gun have been trained and are prepared to use it when there is a need. Those who carry unlicensed guns are more likely to have never been trained and usually have other motives, for which rules aren’t going to stop them.

It seems to me that the most destructive gun violence, other than some gang infested areas of most cities, is in “gun-free zones”. We saw this at Virginia Tech and Columbine (I’m not saying high schoolers should carry guns).  The same was the case at Fort Hood where, like most U.S. military bases, guns are not carried by military personnel on base.  What might have happened if the good guys also had a gun in these situations?

I don’t carry a gun. I don’t own a gun. Last time I shot a gun was over twenty years ago when I received a very short hunting lesson. Guns are not a part of my culture. However, I’m glad that there are people, law abiding citizens, who want to own and carry guns. Guns can be used for evil, but I believe more often than not they are used for good. Gun laws do not stop criminals. They only stop the law abiding citizens.

I believe in freedom as long as it doesn’t infringe on others. People should be able to smoke if they want, and restaurants and bars should have the choice to allow it or not in their place of business (California ruined outdoor dining when they pushed all the smokers onto the patio).  People should also be able to carry guns. As stated earlier, an establishment has every right to say no to guns, but I believe they are ultimately just hurting themselves. They lose customers and advertise to criminals that the only one with a gun will be the criminal.

So I applaud Starbucks for not banning guns in their stores. Not for the fact that I’m so pro gun that I’m fanatical about guns being everywhere. No. I applaud Starbucks for having a little common sense and not falling prey to the overly sensitive political correctness that continually weakens our society.

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