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Not a Sports Blog, but…

January 15, 2010

This is by no means a sports blog, but I just realized that several of my latest posts are about sports.  More specifically, the Colts.  I guess it just reflects the time of year and some of my interests.  Pretty soon the NFL season will be over, and I’ll be on to something else.  (I’ll try to keep my Purdue basketball passion tempered and only make a few posts about their run to the NCAA Championship.)  In the meantime, before the Colts start their playoffs run, I was inspired to make a few comments about the Colts situation.

The Colts have put themselves in a no win situation unless they win the Super Bowl.  And even if they do win the Super Bowl, many fans won’t be satisfied, saying that they could have been perfect and they threw it all away. 

Anyone who has followed Colts football would agree that Bill Polian (General Manager of the Colts) is a smart man.  Of course it doesn’t hurt to have Peyton Manning as your quarterback, but Polian has continued to find players who fit the Colts’ system and allow Manning to excel.  However, Polian (not that he was alone in the decision) may have made a big mistake by insisting that the starters rest the final couple games of the season.   

The sentiment around Indianapolis immediately following the first loss was deadly.  The fans were outraged.  From my perspective, it has to be worse to lose a game on purpose than when your trying to win but lose.  In that situation a player can come off the field and truly say, “I gave it everything I had.”  A player who loses on purpose cannot say anything except, “sorry.”  And that’s exactly what Peyton Manning did a few days later.  Now the only thing the Colts can do to make it up to the city of Indianapolis or the state of Indiana and all other Colts fans out ther is to win the Super Bowl. 

If the Colts lose in the first round, Polian will want to schedule a long vacation to some place far far away.  I would think that if he showed up anywhere in public in Indianapolis, he’d be tarred and feathered.  Losing to San Diego in the AFC Championship wouldn’t be as bad because they have looked nearly unstoppable as of late.  On the other hand, San Diego has had the Colts number the last few years, so a loss to Philip Rivers would be unbearable.

It’s odd to say, but losing in the Super Bowl could possibly be the best result for the Colts.  I write this somewhat tongue in cheek, but think about it.  By getting to the Super Bowl, the Colts would have proven that resting the starters at the end of the season had no affect on the team in the playoffs.  It would also mean that the Colts got past the Chargers finally.  Moreover, if the Colts lose the Super Bowl, they won’t hear the outcry of, “We could have had a perfect season!”

So, while I hope the Colts go all the way, I’ll take it one game at a time.  In past years I’ve looked at this first game of the playoffs as a gimme.  But they’ve been nothing of the sort.  So this year I’m expecting the worst and hoping for the best… However, the Colts have beaten the Ravens seven straight, and it was this game in 2006 which helped propel the Colts to the Championship.  I’m hoping for the same result.

I thought about concluding with my prediciton for Saturday’s game, but why would that matter.  I’m biased.

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